Tenom furniture is the result of a long-standing research and development of the flat-pack concept, puzzle-furniture created by the sculptor and designer Konstantin Achkov.

Tenom furniture is unique as it is created by only one fitting cut made on a computer program and nearly the entire production represents a cutting out (cropping) on a CNC router. After that all the puzzle elements are assembled without glue, nails, screws or any other supporting elements. All connecting partsare designed from 18 mm plywood sheets and few other small elements come from a 4 mm plywood sheet. The CNC router possesses a robot- like accuracy (on a 10th of the millimeter) thus allowing the achievement of such puzzle joints. The entire production process is extremely ecological without any environment pollution.

Tenom furniture is presented either assembled and ready for usage or disassembled with an assembling instruction. Buying a disassembled product offers the possibility to fit it in smallboxes which makes freight more rational. The plywood, also known as engineer solid wood, consists of veneers glued to each other at 90 degrees which guarantees excellent strength and elasticity. Our design furniturecomes in series whichmakes it possible for our customers to design their homes with style.

Tenom presents you a product, which until now you did not consider possible. After having the experience of it, you cannot imagine life without it!

Every product we create is a challenge to the Status Quo. Our design line furniture isuser friendly, ecological, beautiful and can easily find place in your home. Try us!